Allison and Melissa’s Wedding Videography



Congratulations to Allison and Melissa on their recent marriage! These two lovebirds decided on forever on May 19, 2018! The ceremony and reception was held at the Ocean Club Hotel and SeaSalt Restaurant, located in Cape May, NJ. The venue was a perfect choice for this gorgeous spring afternoon! Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there to catch all of the astounding moments that Allison and Melissa can now relive for years to come! 

The beautiful brides-to-be spent the morning hours preparing for the biggest day of their lives! With the help of their bridesmaids, they were ready to perfection! There was definitely love in the air as finishing touches came to a close!

Allison and Melissa stood outside of the venue with a great view of the beach! They were both in awe as they saw each other all dressed in white! They locked eyes as they shared a breathtaking first kiss! Our NJ Wedding Videographer was sure to catch this sweet moment! 

It was time for the main event! Allison and Melissa’s closest friends and family gathered to celebrate love! The stunning couple showcased their deep love for each other as they shared their beautifully written vows and phenomenal first kiss! 

The reception was absolutely exquisite! Everyone cleared the floor as the newlyweds shared an incredible first dance! As the sun was setting, the extraordinary couple spent a few special moments on the beach together with huge smiles and hugs! Our NJ Wedding Videographer caught these unforgettable moments! The rest of the night was full of much love and laughter! This wedding was definitely one for the books! 

Congratulations, again, to Allison and Melissa! We wish you endless years of joy!