Alexandra’s Sweet Sixteen at West Rock Indoor Sports and Entertainment

Alexandra’s Sweet Sixteen at West Rock Indoor Sports and Entertainment

Event Details:


Date: February 26, 2016

Venue: West Rock Indoor Sports

Happy Birthday to Alexandra on her very happy sweet 16th unbirthday party! Alexandra transported all her guests down the rabbit hole as they celebrated her 16th birthday in a whimsical way at the West Rock Indoor Sports and Entertainment Complex in Naunet, NY.

The reception was glowing in red and blue ambient lighting and the decor transported you to a wonderland inspired night club with large crystal pillars and a large white dance floor, accompanied by modern white and checkered furniture, perfect for a modern day wonderland utopia.

Our NJ Event Photographer enjoyed capturing the amazing themed decor that accented every inch of the room. We loved the beautiful topiaries with stunning red “painted” roses, fit to the Queen of Heart’s standards and the large playing cards that hung around the beautiful black and white draping walls. The coolest detail to Alexandra’s wonderland affair was the drink station that had the words “drink me” along the table to go along with the Alice In Wonderland so perfectly.

The dance floor was literally packed the entire night, filled with high energy, smiles and laughs as Alexandra’s friends and family celebrated her birthday. The DJ played only the best dance music to ensure that no one wanted to take a break from dancing! Guests had a lot of fun dancing the night away, but not nearly as much as they loved our large social photo booth set up which allows guests to take big group pictures with silly props to keep as a token of the fun and happy time they had from the party!

Alexandra’s part was a major success filled with high energy, great music, a lot of dancing and endless smiles, laughter and memories. We were honored to have been a part of Alexandra’s unbirthday affair!


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