Candice and Jeff’s Wedding at Masso

Candice and Jeff’s Wedding at Masso

Event Details:


Date: October 7, 2016

Names: Candice & Jeff

Venue: Masso


Congratulations to Candice and Jeff on their recent marriage! The newlyweds got married at Masso’s in Glassboro, New Jersey. It was a beautiful day for Candice and Jeff to tie the knot.

Before making it down the aisle, the two soon to be husband and wife were getting ready. It started off with Jeff looking handsome in his suit and red tie, posing with his groomsmen, and the baby looking adorable in his red bow tie. Meanwhile, Candice was getting a complete makeover to match her beautiful white gown dress. Before, Candice and Jeff teased each other with a reading they’ve exchanged, resulting in Candice’s tearful excitement.

Thrill shined through as it was time for everyone to witness Candice and Jeff become husband and wife. Jeff stood patiently waiting for Candice’s arrival, anxious as ever. Anxiousness quickly left when happiness rolled over as the precious baby was in the red wagon. Shortly, our NJ Wedding Photographer shot a picture of Jeff’s emotional reaction as Candice made her way holding beautiful flowers. They then stood hand in hand behind a peaceful waterfall, waiting for the moment to say “I do”. Once the rings were placed on their fingers, friends and family saw the couple exchange their first kiss. There were even more photos to be taken of the bride and groom, as well as the wedding party, and family.

After the magical ceremony, everyone made their way to the reception. First, Candice and Jeff slow danced, gracefully, as husband and wife. The night then carried on with everyone dancing the night away! It was a great evening to not having to go back to your seats.

Congratulations, once again, to Candice and Jeff on their marriage! We were honored to be part of your special day and wish nothing, but happiness and love.