Erin and Vincent’s Wedding at Blue Heron Pines

Erin and Vincent’s Wedding at Blue Heron Pines

Event Details:

Date: March 1, 2016

Names: Erin & Vincent

Venue: blue heron pines

Congratulations to Erin and Vincent on their marriage! On a lovely April evening, Erin and Vincent tied the knot during a romantic and intimate ceremony, then headed over to the beautiful Blue Heron Pines Golf Club in Egg Harbor City, NJ to celebrate their unity with friends and family all night long!

Our NJ Wedding Photographers had an amazing time capturing some breathtaking images of  Erin, Vincent and their bridal party as they posed for some beautiful portraits around the Blue Heron Pines ground and amazing fire pit.

Inside the reception space, our photographer made sure to capture the gorgeous decor of the room, from the grand white wooden beams across the ceiling and the light pink accents on the table tops.

Guests of all ages appreciated the stunning allure of the ballroom, along with the glowing lights of the ballroom’s dance floor as our NJ Wedding DJ light up the night with some great part mixes and entertaining show lights!

Guests had a great time dancing with Erin and Vincent on the dance floor as well as indulging in our very popular social photo booth service, where groups of guests were encouraged to take pictures with our silly props as memorable gifts for themselves to cherish forever. There was not a frown to be seen through out the whole affair for guests had the time of their lives on this very special evening.

We were honored to have been a part of such a touching and amazing day. Congratulations once again to Erin and Vincent!