Jamie and Chris’s Wedding at The Palace Catering

Jamie and Chris’s Wedding at The Palace Catering

Event Details:


Date: October 16, 2016

Names: Jamie & Chris

Venue: The Palace Catering


Congratulations to Jamie and Chris on their fantastic wedding at The Palace Catering in Blackwood, NJ. There was Lego centerpieces and a Lego cake, top to bottom everything was awesome!

The day was beginning Jamie was getting ready with all of her family. Jamie, in a gorgeous gown with purple accents, looked stunning as she put on her last pieces of jewelry before it was time to make her way down the aisle.

As the ceremony begun the wedding party made there way down the aisle first as they set the stage for Jamie to arrive. Jamie, accompanied by her father, walked with such grace down the aisle where she met Chris smiling from ear to ear. There Jamie and Chris stood hand in hand, while the two where joined together in marriage. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was their to capture all of the beauty that was of this ceremony.

All of Jamie and Chris’s guest made their way to the reception where the Lego filled celebration was beginning. Jamie and Chris were first on the dance floor to share in their first dance as husband and wife. The two twirled all over the dance floor with such happiness and joy in their hearts. Thanks to our NJ Wedding DJ eventually everyone joined Jamie and Chris on the dance floor and danced the night away.

After a few toast it was time for some food. A delicious buffet was set up but all everyone wanted was a slice of their spectacular Lego cake. Decorated with Legos all around, even a Lego crane lowering Lego people on the cake. It was so unique and special just like the love of Jamie and Chris.

Before the evening was over all of Jamie and Chris’s guest made sure to make their way over to our NJ Social Photo Booth and take some funny pictures to take home to remember this memorable night.

Congratulations again Jamie and Chris on your wonderful wedding, we were honored to be apart of your special day!