Janet and Blaise Wedding at Bonnet Island

Janet and Blaise Wedding at Bonnet Island

Event Details:


Date: November 2, 2014

Names: Janet & Blaise

Venue: Bonnet Island

Congratulations Janet and Blaise on your beautiful New Jersey fall wedding!

Janet and Blaise tied the knot at the beautiful Cedar Bonnet Island Estate, in LBI New Jersey. Their private coastal island wedding was one for the memory books of the tranquil Jersey Shore and we were honored to be a part of the celebration!

We provided Janet and Blaise with one of the best wedding photographers in NJ to capture every cherished moment and detail for the happy couple. From the excitement of getting ready to the authentically fall colored reds of the bouquet, it was a day to be remembered.

It was a beautiful windswept day and Janet and Blaise took advantage of this by taking a relaxed stroll by the water, providing a beautiful backdrop for our LBI wedding photographer.

After relaxing it was time to get the party started! The reception room was filled with the accents of fall! Dark red was the dominant color, detailing everything from the wedding cake to the floral bouquets. Family and friends loved the fall accents and had a fabulous time celebrating the newly wedded couple!

If you are looking to create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace then the Cedar Bonnet Island Estate in LBI may be the perfect place! Enjoy these beautiful photos by our amazing South Jerseyphotographers.

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