Jennifer and Ed’s Wedding at Doolan’s Shore Club

Jennifer and Ed’s Wedding at Doolan’s Shore Club

Event Details:


Date: September 17, 2016

Names: Jennifer & Ed

Venue: Doolan's Shore Club

Congratulations to Jennifer and Ed on their marriage! This charming couple tied the knot at Doolan’s Shore Club in Spring Lake, New Jersey. This exquisite venue was the perfect location for family and friend’s to come together and celebrate the love of Jennifer and Ed.

The bride spent the morning getting ready in her customized bridal shirt. Jennifer looked divine with her finishing makeup touches, and soon stepped into her dazzling, white wedding gown. With a single strand of pearl’s around her neck, and her veil placed delicately upon her head, Jennifer set out to marry the man of her dreams.

The ceremony was truly enchanting. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was sure to capture all of the magical moments and details, like the customized wedding aisle carpet, the nerves of the precious flower girl, and the joy of the groom, Ed, seeing his beautiful bride for the first time that day. Jennifer was glowing as she walked down the aisle to her Prince Charming, and glowed even more after sharing her first kiss with her husband. It was now time for the party to begin!

Doolan’s Shore Club made sure everything was perfect for Jennifer and Ed’s special night. The couple and their guests laughed, sang, and danced the night away. Jennifer and Ed made sure their guests had plenty of entertainment, as they also decided to have one of our NJ Wedding Photo Booths. Our NJ Wedding Videographer made sure to catch the guests dancing with their favorite photo props.

Congratulations, again, to Jennifer and Ed! We are truly honored to be able to take part in your special day.