Jessica and Goce’s Wedding at the Waterside Restaurant

Jessica and Goce’s Wedding at the Waterside Restaurant

Event Details:

Date: November 12, 2017

Names: Jessica & Goce

Venue: Waterside Restaurant

Congratulations to the lovely Jessica and Goce on their wedding! The beautiful couple celebrated their incredible day at the breath-taking Waterside Restaurant in North Bergen, NJ. 

Jessica began her morning preparation by posing for pictures with her hair and makeup done. Then, she gracefully made her way down the stairs wearing her lace floral wedding dress. Her bouquet of cream colored flowers with beaded pearls were the perfect fit for her.

It was now time for the ceremony to begin! Jessica and Goce were shining bright under the lights as they shared their first kiss as newlyweds. Afterwards, the couple was ready for their close-ups during their outdoor photography session. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was able to capture unforgettable shots of Jessica and Gore with the New York City skyline and water in the background! Just as the sun was setting, family and friends gathered near the stunning couple for more amazing photographs. The emotion and energy from Jessica and Goce was contagious!

Our NJ Wedding Videographer and our NJ Wedding DJ could not wait for the guests to make their way into the reception hall to dance the night away! The night could not have been more magical for both the lovebirds and wedding guests. Jessica and Goce were seen dancing together on the floor surrounded by their loved ones! 

Congratulations again to Jessica and Goce on their recent marriage. Cheers to love and happiness for the rest of your lives!