Joanne and Dominic’s Wedding at Linwood Country Club

Joanne and Dominic’s Wedding at Linwood Country Club

Event Details:


Date: October 24, 2015

Names: Joanne & Dominic

Venue: Linwood Country

Congratulations to Joanne and Dominic on their marriage! Joanne and Dominic spent their day celebrating their unity as man and wife and the beautiful Linwood Country Club in Linwood, NJ.

Joanne and Dominic started off their day with a stunning church ceremony. The traditional ceremony brought several tears to everyone’s eyes as they watched Joanne and Dominic kiss for the first time as husband and wife!

After the ceremony, Joanne and Dominic took some breathtaking portraits accompanied by their friends and family with our NJ Wedding Photographer. Once pictures were done, the party was underway in the stunning ballroom of the Linwood Country Club.

When you walk into the room, you were immediately transported into a pink and purple wonderland with stunning ambient lighting illuminating the walls and gorgeous purple accents around the room.  Our NJ Wedding DJ added his own personal lighting touches to the space which really enhanced the party like atmosphere of this pumped up affair!

Everyone in attendance got up on the floor and showed off their best moves to the great party song by our DJ. The best parts of this night truly revolved around the love and sentimental moments of Joanne and Dominic!

We were so very honored to have been a part of this special day. Congratulations once again, Joanne and Dominic!