Kathleen’s Baby Shower

Kathleen’s Baby Shower

Event Details:

Date: September 26, 2015

Venue: Residence in Upper Saddle River

Congratulations, Kathleen on your pregnancy! It is such an exciting time within a woman’s life to be pregnant, and ought to be celebrated for sure!

Kathleen invited friends and family to celebrate the life of her soon to be bundle of joy in the comfort of her home on a beautiful warm September afternoon. Guests all gathered outside in the backyard where formal pictures of friends and family were taken on the porch by our NJ Photographer, with the stunning picturesque green grass and sunshine in the background, making for some truly gorgeous shots!

Inside the house, delicious food was being served and plenty of decorations adorned the kitchen area making the house feel even warmer and livelier than it already was! Balloons were spread across the rooms along with the adorable lemon scented hand soap party favors. Guests had a great time as they all sat in a circle and watched Kathleen open gifts for her new baby.

Many fond memories were made on this day and we were so honored to have been a part of this celebration of life! Congratulations once again, Kathleen!

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