Nicole and Kenneth’s Wedding at Portobello Banquets

Nicole and Kenneth’s Wedding at Portobello Banquets

Event Details:


Date: February 17, 2018

Names: Nicole & Kenneth

Venue: Portobello Banquet in Oakland NJ

Congratulations to the love birds Nicole and Kenneth on tying the knot, at Portobello Banquet in Oakland, NJ. By having all their loved ones there to share this night with, it was something unforgettable.

After slipping into her one of a kind gown, Nicole helped Kenneth fix his tie and attach his boutonniere. Our NJ Wedding Photographer caught the couple as they shared a little laughter and love on a cozy couch near by to calm any nerves of anticipations. While they waited the charming couple was visited by family to receive many congratulations and best wishes.

 With linked arms and tears of joys, Nicole was escorted down the aisle to be handed off to Kenneth into the next chapter of her life. Nicole and Kenneth  exchanged their vows, and our NJ Wedding Photographer was close by waiting to snap pictures for when the couple would share their first kiss.  

After the ceremony, friends and family made their way to the reception where the couple had there first dance. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there capturing the moments of all those dancing the night away. Anyone that stepped in the room could feel the electrifying current of all the positive energy. It was a truly magical night.

Congratulations, again, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and of course love!