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Lindsey and Chalie’s wedding at the Northampton Valley Country Club

Congratulations to these two love birds on tying the knot!  The big day has finally arrived and this bridal party was ready to start their morning pampering in matching emerald green robes. Lindsey shared many memories with her favorite ladies by her side. From hair to makeup this prep session was flawless.  Just outside Chalie awaited the arrival of his bride for their first look. His smile grew ear to ear as Lindsey walked up behind him. As the two…

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Karlee and Corey’s Wedding at Crystal Point Yacht Club

Congratulations to Karlee and Corey on their recent marriage! This hunt was over the day Corey met Karlee! Vibrant blue and cowboy boots made this hunter themed wedding one to remember! With Karlee’s bridesmaids by her side this wedding day morning couldn’t have been more perfect! After her hair curled to perfection and slipping on her one of a kind white gown she was ready to see her favorite little cowgirl.  Family and friends had to be sure “to pick…

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Jamie and Paul’s Wedding at a Private Residance

Congratulations to Jamie and Paul on their recent marriage. These two radiate love where ever they go! These bridal beauties were ready to start their pampering with morning mimosas and matching floral pajama bottoms. This prep session wouldn’t be complete without a heartfelt framed letter addressed to the beautiful bride from her soon-to-be husband. When Jamie read the letter aloud she couldn’t hold back her tears. After the final touches were made, Jamie was ready to finally see her soulmate…

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Kristen and Ryan’s Wedding At The Indian Springs Country Club

Congratulations to Kristen and Ryan on tying the knot! Love is like a fairy tale brought to life with your best friend by your side. Plum purple was the ideal accent color for Kristen on her big day. With her mom by her side the morning flowed with ease. Before Kristen headed to the ceremony she had the chance to read a heartfelt letter written by her soulmate. After attaching her veil, our NJ Wedding Photographer caught Kristen’s perfect prep…

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Tori and Ben’s Engagement Session

Congratulations to Tori and Ben on their recent engagement! The lovely couple posed on a beautiful summer day! These two lovebirds are set to wed in front of their closest friends and family on September 16, 2018 ! Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there to catch all of the special moments from this precious day!  With the walls of nature surrounding them, the incredible couple celebrated their deep love for each other! The woodsy area created an intimate ambiance! Tori…

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Amanda and Tommy’s Engagement Session

Congratulations to Amanda and Tommy on their beautiful engagement! This lovely couple posed for our NJ Wedding Photographer on a gorgeous, sunny day. Amanda wore an eye-catching red dress as Tommy sported a white collared shirt with red shoes to match Amanda’s dress. They held hands as they walked through fields of green.  As the sun was setting, the couple sat down and shared a drink of wine together. They gazed at the stunning sky as the sun went down…

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Rachael and Evan’s Engagement Session

Congratulations to Rachael and Evan on their beautiful engagement! This adorable couple posed on a gorgeous sunny day in the heart of Philadelphia!  Our NJ Wedding Photographer shot Rachael and Evan both dressed in their blues, matching perfectly! Evan sporting a blue collared shirt and Rachael wearing a white and blue floral sun dress!  These two posed in LOVE park, located in Center City, Philadelphia and Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured them at different angles kissing romantically in front of…

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Shena and Carter’s Engagement Session

Congratulations to Shena and Carter on their recent engagement! This lovely couple posed for the camera on a gorgeous, sunny day.  Shena posed in a white lace dress and Carter sported a white button down shirt for our NJ Wedding Photographer. Their adorable pup was wearing a sign that read, “My Humans Are Getting Married!”  As the sun was setting, the couple ran into the woods and Carter literally “swept” Shena off of her feet! The sunset and gorgeous smiles…

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Tia and Bryson’s Engagement Session

It’s time to celebrate! Congratulations to Tia and Bryson on their recent engagement. These two lovebirds will wed on August 11, 2018 and the photos from the engagement session couldn’t be more perfect! Gorgeous scenery and an even more beautiful couple, our NJ Wedding Photographer captured the breathtaking moments shared between Tia and Bryson. Glowing with joy and eager smiles, the love they share is truly undeniable! As they strolled through the park, you could’t help but feel their excitement!…

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Corey and Max’s Wedding at the Daymark Bar

Congratulations to Corey and Max on their recent marriage! Every beauty needs her beast to protect her and that’s exactly what Max does every day. With her favorite ladies by her side, Corey’s bride prep flowed with ease. Matching red mickey shirt’s were the perfect way to start off this delightful Disney wedding! After Corey’s hair was curled tight and her makeup was blended to perfection, she now had the chance to slip into her very own princess gown! With anticipation…

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