Shereen and Manuel’s Wedding at New York City Hall

Shereen and Manuel’s Wedding at New York City Hall

Event Details:


Date: June 15, 2018

Names: Shereen & Manuel

Venue: New York City City Hall

Congratulation to Shereen and Manuel on their recent marriage! Their forever was as simple as a smile. 

Even with a small wedding, the love these two shared was huge. All Shereen and Manuel needed to make this day a special one was their closest family and friends by their side. 

 As Manuel finished up final touches, Shereen sat on a nearby couch just admiring how handsome he was. Before they made their way down the aisle, our NJ Wedding Photographer captured Shereen as she helped her favorite little boys fix their bow ties. Nothing was more flawless then Shereen’s simple short dress to tie this day all together.

Our NJ Wedding Photographer captured every moment as the two slipped on their rings. After exchanging vows and sharing their pure devotion to each other the couple sealed it with a kiss. Their ceremony was filled with love and happiness!

After a touching ceremony, Shereen and Manuel ran off into the sunset and got ready to take on the big apple together!

Congratulations, again, to this adorable couple. We were so happy we could be apart of this unforgettable moment!

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