Promotional Offers

Amazing Promotional Packages for DJ, Photo, Video & Photobooth Services You deserve a customized, flexible wedding package that is fully aligned with your hopes, dreams, and most importantly your budget. By offering so many different types of services, at Enchanted Celebrations we deliver on that promise by driving down prices while still increasing quality. Our New Promotional Packages Have A LOT to Offer. Check Out Only a Few of our Features Disc Jockey Packages 5 Hours of Continuous Music 2…

How to Not Overspend on Your Wedding Video

  After spending so much time and money into planning the perfect wedding, you most likely want anything that can help you remember your special day. Hiring a videographer is the perfect way to reminisce on you special day for the rest of your life. However, videography could be expensive. Here at Enchanted Celebrations, we want you to stress the least amount as possible when it comes to planning, paying for, and remembering your wedding day. Our videography professionals have…

Make It the Best Reception Event Kit

  Beyond the perfect details of making the ceremony look beautiful, it is important to assure that your reception will be just as good as it appears. Our wedding planning professionals have provided a FREE reception event kit to ensure that the reception is full of memories, making it a night no one will ever forget!

Timeline Planning Worksheet

  If you are looking at this page, odds are you are newly engaged. CONGRATULATIONS! Now it’s time to plan, plan, plan! If you are unsure where to begin when it comes to planning a wedding, do not worry; we are here to help! Our professionals have created FREE eBook containing a timeline for brides to abide by when it comes to planning their dream wedding! So, what are you waiting for? Download your free eBook timeline today!

Bride’s Preparation Lookbook

A popular trend for photos in a bride’s wedding look book, is capturing the moments of bride before the ceremony. These photos could include The last few minutes before a bride walks down the aisle are very special. A photographer can capture the bridal’s preparation by taking pictures of the bridal party helping the bride prepare, the mother tearing up with her arms around her daughter, and the bride seeing herself in the mirror for the first time. Our photographers…

10 Things to Know Before Booking Photography

  You cannot have a wedding without beautiful pictures! However, you should NOT just book any photographer. Before you commit to a photographer for your wedding day, it is important to do some research on the photographer and look at past photographs to ensure that you are comfortable with his or her photographing skills. This is important to do because it will clarify that you will not be disappointed with the outcome of your wedding photos. To ensure that you are hiring the…

It’s All About the Details Lookbook

  A popular trend that our photographers use in wedding photography is paying attention to the details. These photos are special because they capture the details that you spend months planning for. These photographs may contain unique images of wedding rings and bands, flowers, wedding dress, shoes, candles, signs, wedding cake, holding hands, etc. Our photographers have created a FREE lookbook of detail oriented wedding photographs in order to inspire you for your special day. Download the FREE lookbook today!

Beach Weddings Lookbook

  Who doesn’t love a beach wedding? If you are planning to marry the love of your life with your sands in the toes and the sound of the ocean splashing next to you, our beach wedding lookback is perfect for you. Our professionals have put together our favorite beach wedding pictures to inspire your dream of a romantic beach wedding. Download our Beach Wedding Lookbook for FREE to help inspire your special day today!

Download Our Free eBook to Find Your Photography Style

Wedding photos are a very special way to remember this day for the rest of your life. Getting the perfect poses, lighting, and moments are essential to wedding photos. However, many are unaware that there are different styles of wedding photography. If you are unsure about what kind of style you would like and need help to determine which you would prefer, download our FREE eBook containing the top 6 wedding photography styles.

Black and White Lookbook

Are you interested in classic black and white photos to be taken at your wedding? Are you unsure about wanting black and white photos, and would like to see some previous photos for inspiration? Our photographers have handpicked their favorite works of black and white photos from previous weddings to inspire you. These photos can be viewed by downloading our FREE Black and White LookBook. Download it today to decide if black and white photos are essential for your special day!