Paola and Edward’s Wedding Videography



Congratulations to Paola and Edward on their recent marriage! The lovely couple tied the knot on a gorgeous spring day! The reception and ceremony was held at the delightful Bradford Estate located in Hainesport, NJ. Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there to catch all of the sweet moments from this special day!

The morning hours were spent in preparation! Paola and Edward were surrounded by their closest family and friends as they prepared for the biggest day of their lives! Paola admired her one of a kind gown as it was hung up.

As the finishing touches came to a close, Paola put on her stunning jewelry, gown and heels. As Paola sat down, dressed beautifully, she read a heartfelt letter that was beautifully written by her husband. Our NJ Wedding Videographer was sure to catch these precious behind-the-scene moments!

The ceremony was absolutely exquisite! It was the ideal day for an outdoors event! Paola made her grand entrance with her father by her side. Edward was ecstatic to see his bride-to-be make her way to the alter.

The two lovebirds said their “I do’s” and shared a phenomenal first kiss in front of their loved ones! All eyes were on the newlyweds as they exited the ceremony, excited to be married! 

The reception was beautifully decorated! Paola and Edward entered with locked hands and huge smiles! They made their way to the center of the dance floor as they shared an incredible first dance! Our NJ Wedding Videographer caught this intimate moment!

Everyone cheered on the groom as he removed his brides garter! The astounding couple spent the lasting hours of the night cutting their stunning four-tiered cake, dancing and laughing! The night was nothing short of magical! 

Congratulations, again, to Paola and Edward! We wish you endless years of joy and love!