Meet Christian

Hometown:  Brick, NJ
Staff Wedding Photographer
Official photographer for MR2 Bear Mountain Run
A.S. in Graphic Design

Why I Love Weddings:

I love weddings because there are so many things going on at once! To me, weddings are actually quite action-packed, even before the guests hit the dance floor! Weddings are every photographers dream.

There are so many once-in-a-lifetime moments occurring, all just waiting to be captured and cherished for the rest of a couples lives together. Not being a traditional wedding guest gives you a completely different perspective on the event.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I was always a bit interested in photography when I was growing up. I remember wanting to shoot with my fathers camera, I was always so intrigued by it. When my parents first got internet, I looked on eBay for a cheap, used, digital camera to practice photography with.

I had so much fun learning how to capture random things, but what really got me into photography the most was when my best friend wanted to take a trip to shoot all of NJ's lighthouses. I had been studying graphic design at the time and some of the courses included photography and Photoshop, so it was perfect timing! After that, the rest is history! 

I feel that my personal style is an artistic one where I focus on candid pictures. This gives me the flexibility to capture every moment, while still being able to use unique perspectives. Limiting myself to a single one would only hold me back, so I embrace as many types as possible to create my own personal style.

From landscape shots of the wedding party at a beach sunset, to the close up shots of the bride and groom's embrace during the first dance, I am ready to capture every moment in a way that doesn't just preserve the memory, but enhances it!

Other Interests:

It may not seem like it from the Honda Accord I drive, but before photography became my main interest, I was a car guy. The transition happened when I got into modifying cars and surrounding myself with other people who were interested in cars. I loved taking action shots of everyone's cars, along with car "portraits" in front of amazing scenery.

I was even the official photographer of the MR2 Bear Mountain Run, the biggest Toyota MR2 meet and cruise in the U.S from 2010-2015. As time continued, photography became main obsession and I enjoy focusing all of my free time on capturing everything from nature, to wildlife, to cars, and of course, to weddings!

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