Meet DJ Josh

DJ Josh

DJ Josh
Hometown:  Brick, NJ
Master of Ceremonies
Entertaining Weddings Since 2012
Wedding Entertainment Specialist

Why I Love Weddings:

Being a part of that special day when two people begin their lives together is why I love weddings. It is an absolute honor and privilege when a couple puts the entertainment aspect of their wedding in my hands. The music I play will become the narrative of happy memories that the couple will tell their friends and family over and over again when they trade stories about their wedding and I hold that close to my heart.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY.  Being an avid pro-wrestling fan I pursued a career as a pro-wrestler entertainer.  That allowed me to break out of my shell and feel comfortable in front of hundreds of people.  It taught me how to speak on the mic and interact confidently with an audience. In 2011, I moved to Brick, NJ and soon after began my wedding entertainment career with Enchanted Celebrations which came so naturally to me.

One of the most interesting things about myself is that I have an obsession with seeing my favorite artists perform live! My wife and I go to well over 20 concerts a year whenever and wherever we possibly can. Seriously, if we only like one song off of their album that's enough for us to see them live especially if they are going to be performing within a two hour drive time.

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:

Being the DJ at my brother's wedding was one of the most memorable wedding moments I have experienced.  I was not only in the wedding party but I was also able to secure everyone's good time by being on the mic.  When my brother and sister-in-law were on the dance floor I began to yell out moves like the lawn mower and sprinkler. They would do those dances and I would pick up speed and they would try to keep up.  Soon everyone was on the dance floor!  It was extremely entertaining and everyone enjoyed it!

How I Handle Music Requests:

The newlyweds are my number one priority, but if allowed, I love to play any and all requests as long as they're appropriate and fit the bill of the music set that I'm playing.  Requests give me a better idea of what the crowd would be into, so I try to play them as much as possible.

How I Get Guests Up And Dancing:

The best way I enjoy getting people up and on the dance floor is by playing a slow dance or line dance (based on the couple's requests). When guests get up to dance, that is the ice breaker I need. Once they're up dancing, I can keep them up for the rest of the night with a good mix of more upbeat music. 

Other Interests:

I am a huge sports fan, mostly hockey.  My favorite teams are the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills (don't hold that against me, I did grow up in Buffalo, NY). 

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