Meet Jamal

Hometown:  Westampton, NJ
Senior Wedding Photographer
Shooting Weddings Since 2005
Zele Fashion Magazine Front Cover Winner
Trained at The New York Institute of Photography

Why I Love Weddings:

I love weddings, as a photographer, because it is such a wonderful opportunity to create beautiful and meaningful photographs. Every wedding and every couple's story is so unique it leaves me feeling constantly renewed and inspired.

From the artistic details the couple put so much time and effort into creating to the emotions of the day, I love that I get to capture these details so family, friends, and the couple can look back on these memories for a lifetime to come.

A Little Bit About Myself:

The arts have been a part of my life since I was a child and the love I feel for them has never left me so it is only natural that I became a photographer. I have since been published in Zele Fashion Magazine, Institute Fashion Magazine, and Solis Fashion Magazine.

For all of my editorials, I enjoy taking on the role of creative director. I work with a team of talented individuals and I share my vision with them and we work together to put this vision together. I love the art, inspiration, and creativity that comes out of these experiences and it helps me to create unique and artistic photos for my wedding shoots.  

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:

My most memorable moment is the moment that I helped a bride tie her gown. The bride puts months of preparation into finding the dress. She meticulously plans to make sure not s single detail is overlooked. She goes through hair and makeup trials, and more, but she never knows truly the finished look until the day of.

Being the one to tie the brides gown, after all those months of planning coming together was an honor. The sense of emotion that fills the room as she gets that first look of herself in the mirror is an experience that truly inspired me as a photographer as it made me realize how truly important it is to capture this particular moment for every bride. 

My Photography Style:
I would say that my style is very creative and fun. I aim to capture the personalities of the couples so that their photos are unique to them. Weddings are truly a romantic and intimate evening that are exclusive to every couple so I try to make their photos the same.

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