Meet Magi

Hometown:  Ocean City, NJ
Staff Wedding Photographer
BS in Political Science (In Progress)
Photographs featured in the Noyes Museum of Art

Why I Love Weddings:
Weddings are my favorite type of events to shoot. I get so excited to see the Bride’s dress, the wedding colors, the bridesmaids’ shoes, the cake, the flower girl’s bow in her hair or whatever it may be, and all the beautiful little details that are so thoughtfully planned out and so important to capture. There is so much beauty and happiness on a wedding day, it’s impossible not to get caught in the energy and relay the feelings of love and happiness in your shots!

A Little Bit About Myself:
I am in my senior year at Stockton College as a Political Science major. I studied abroad in Milan, Italy last year and had the privilege to travel Europe (14 countries all together!) and discovered my (unfortunate yet never-ending) love for cheese and wine. Despite that, I enjoy healthy cooking and eating… along with traveling, yoga, surfing, snowboarding, and spending time with my family. After I graduate this December, I will be going to Africa to intern with a non-profit organization and then, hopefully, on to law school next year. My dream job is to work for National Geographic, or something similar, capturing photos of people less fortunate worldwide in a way that could tell their stories, simultaneously benefiting reliefs and non-profit organizations. Or I would like to join the PeaceCorp or work for the U.N., and then one day, far away I would like to retire and travel the world teaching English… A girl can dream. I love helping others and I have a deep appreciation/fascination for other cultures and languages.

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