Meet Matt

Videographer Matt

Hometown:  Newfield, NJ
Senior Wedding Videographer
Senior Wedding Video Editor
Shooting Weddings Since 2012
Certified in Video Production & Editing

Why I Love Weddings:

No matter how long a couple has been together, their wedding day is truly one of the most incredible times that they will share together. All too often their big day comes and goes in the blink of an eye. I cannot express the gratification that I feel from being involved in such an amazing day capturing the special moments that will translate into a lifetime of memories on video.

A Little Bit About Myself:

I am extremely outgoing, courteous, and fun to be around. When I am filming and editing, I enjoy being creative and unique and it shows in the final product. I like to have fun with candid shots throughout the day as well.

Most Memorable Wedding Moment:

I feel that each wedding has its own "Most Memorable Moment" and it's hard to just pick one. It is always touching to see 'happy tears' while dad is dancing with his daughter. I have also witnessed some pretty memorable dance moves during some receptions as well!

Other Interests:

I love snowboarding in the winter and every year I go to Vermont and film other snowboarders in action. Soccer was one of the sports I had played growing up and I still play to this day. I had also spent many years as the drummer in a band and now I am teaching my children how to play. 

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