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Victoria and Davide Wedding Album

Congratulations to Victoria and Davide on their engagement!  This beautiful engagement album truly celebrates the love these two have for each other.  It is set up perfectly; the turn of each page leaves the viewer excited and wanting to see more!  We are so glad our South Jersey Wedding Photographers were able to capture all of the spectacular memories in this album.  Each page of the album outlines the tremendous love this couple has for each other.  Congratulations again to Victoria…


Courtney and Michael’s Wedding Album

Courtney and Michael’s wedding album could not have come out more perfectly!  The mix of black and white versus color photos created an absolutely breathtaking wedding album.  We are so glad that our South Jersey Wedding Photographers were able to capture all of the love from this amazing couple’s special day.  Courtney and Michael’s wedding album definitely does their special day justice.  Every single memory is captured from their wedding at Seaview Golf Resort.  Congratulations again to this wonderful couple!

Trends that Wedding Videographers from Toms River are Using

Wedding videography ,that our wedding videographers from Toms River produce, capture the vision and sound of the entire event while holding the feeling and emotion of your special day.  The trends that the wedding videographers from Toms River are using enable the bride and groom to send out a sneak preview of their special day. Wedding trailers are a theatrical spin on a typical highlight reel of your wedding.  The idea is to show certain emotional moments without giving them…


Adrienne and Shawn’s Wedding Album

Adrienne and Shawn’s wedding album came out absolutely beautifully.  It definitely captured their lovely wedding day at The Sea Shell Resort and Beach Club.  Every turn of the page comes with another breathtaking memory from their special day.  The organization and layout of every single picture is just perfect.  We are so glad that our South Jersey wedding photographers were able to capture everything.  From wonderful portraits of friends and family to photos of details such as the wedding cake,…


Rachael and Gary Wedding Album

Rachael and Gary’s wedding album came out so beautifully.  Every single magical moment from their wedding at The Mansion in Voorhees is displayed spectacularly.  The setup of the album is extraordinary; each background pulls the photos together absolutely wonderfully.  The album captured each joyous moment from their lovely celebration thanks to our South Jersey Wedding Photographers.  Each page flows magnificently into the next and leaves the viewer wanting to see more.  Congratulations again to this beautiful couple!

LBI Wedding Videographers have the Best Tips on Not Overspending on Your Wedding Video

Are you wondering how to not overspend on your wedding video and you hired a LBI Wedding Videographer? Our LBI wedding videographer professionals know the best tips on keeping your wedding video costs low! One great tip is to talk about a multiple copy package with your videographer. If you and your fiancé decide to order a lot of copies of your wedding video, ask the videographer for a bulk ordering discount!  Do you want to learn the other great…


A Timeline Planning Worksheet for Booking Photography with LBI Wedding Photographers

  Are you planning on hiring an LBI wedding photographer to capture unseen moments of your big day? Do you know when to book photography with your LBI wedding photographer? Our LBI wedding photographers created a timeline planning worksheet that will help you understand the timeline process for booking photography. This worksheet will help you understand when the best time is to schedule a first meeting with your LBI wedding photographer, how long it will take to edit the photographs…

Toms River Wedding Photographers’ Wedding Lookbook Collection

Do you need some inspiration for the style of your wedding? Our Toms River wedding photographers have created and organized a Lookbook of their chic wedding photographs all into one book! This Lookbook includes photographs of beach styled weddings, photographs of  brides preparing for their special day , photographs of the details throughout a wedding day and so much more! Do you want an inside look of our Toms River wedding photographers’ styles of photography?  Download our FREE Wedding Lookbook…


Olesya and Jay at Mountain Lake Club

Our NJ Wedding Videographer captured some incredible moments on film with Olesya and Jay! This lovely couple got married at the Mountain Lake Club located in Mountain Lakes NJ. The bride and groom had a May wedding, the scenery is gorgeous. Before the ceremony our NJ Wedding Videographer filmed Olesya and Jay getting ready and then their First Reveal. During the reception they had a few dancing traditions of their own, be sure to check them out! Their reception was…

Toms River Wedding Photographers with Great Insights about Wedding Photography

Do you want to learn about great insights from Toms River wedding photographers? Our wedding professionals created a wonderful guide that will help you choose who you want to book for your wedding. One great idea is to Ask what packages do you include and which ones do I have to pay for. Some photographers give you a flat rate of how much all of the pictures will cost without actually telling you what is included in the packages. You…