Looking for the hottest wedding photos?  Looking for new wedding ideas?  Fear no more we have three of the hottest photography trends available for you!  Our NJ Wedding Photographers were able to seek out the new and upcoming trends for your wedding!

  •  First big trend is engagement packages and photos that can be used before and after the wedding for save the date cards or even thank you cards.  Our Production Manager made a great point that engagement packages allow you to get pictures taken at places you may not get to on your wedding day.
  • We also suggested a hidden camera effect for the day of proposal, which is geared more towards the groom.  What’s great is that because we are located in NJ we can capture amazing photos and engagements on the beach, at the bay, and can capture the family’s reactions as well as the brides.
  •  Because there are so many photo-editing websites, the vintage look has become very popular.  It’s much easier for a photographer, especially our Production Department, to edit the pictures in a high fashion style to create that more in-depth feeling for our brides.

With these great tips you can plan your dream proposal, wedding, and life together.  You can have the hottest, trendiest wedding with our great photographers all around NJ.  These trends will help create one the of the happiest memories in your life.

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3 Hot Wedding Photography Trends