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Traditions are said to be the handing down of information, statements, beliefs and legends from generation to generation. Although some may believe they don’t practice a specific tradition almost everyone does and they may just not know it.

What influences a tradition? Religion and geography. Depending on what you practice and where you live a wedding could be tremendously different from one place to another. Take a look at these 3 wedding traditions from around the world!

1. In modern China, brides pick not one wedding dress, but three:

First, there’s the traditional qipao or cheongsam, an embroidered, slim-fitting frock that’s usually made red for weddings because red is a strong, lucky color in Chinese culture. Second, the bride might swap into a white poufed ball gown that wouldn’t look out of place at an American wedding. Third, the bride changes into a gown of her color choice or a cocktail dress.

2. Royal weddings in the United Kingdom do bridesmaids a bit differently than we do here in the states. Bridesmaids are usually made up of younger women ranging from age 5 to 16!

3. Lebanese weddings kick off with music, dancing and joyful shouting right outside the groom’s doors. This is the “zaffe” a rowdy, traditional escort made up of friends, family, and sometimes professional musicians and dancers. This group will escort the groom to his bride’s house, and then sends them off in a shower of shouted blessings and flower petals.

Enchanted Celebrations recommends takings a look at wedding traditions from around the world because it can open up many different ideas and themes that you could use in your own wedding!

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