Alyssa and Ron’s Wedding Videography at Valenzano Winery


Congratulations Alyssa and Ron on their Valenzano Winery wedding! October was the most perfect time of the year to celebrate at this gorgeous rustic winery.

To begin, our NJ Wedding Videographer spent the morning with Alyssa and her lovely bridesmaids adding the finishing touches to her lace gown. She was absolutely gleaming with a smile on her face and her bedazzled veil upon her head. At last, she was all ready to tie the knot with the love her life and celebrate all night long!

Beforehand, our NJ Wedding Videographer made sure to capture the footage of the couple parading around the vineyard together! Ron spun his beautiful bride around and walked through the vineyard paths side by side. Above all, this wedding had all of the winery vibes you could ever wish for! Their memorable ceremony alter was decorated with stunning red colored roses…to match all of the wine! Further, placed on their reception tables were elegant wine bottle centerpieces. 

After these two were pronounced husband and wife, it was party time! This party called for champagne toasts and more memories to be captured. Of course, our NJ Wedding Videographer was able to get the speeches on video for the couple to listen back and cherish forever. During his speech, Ron’s best man had everyone join in to toast to the beautiful couple! 

Congratulations once again to Alyssa and Ron. We loved documenting every part of your wedding with the wine that you love!