Wedding engagement? Check! Engagement photos? Check! (if not, contact us to schedule one!) Wedding date? Check! Wedding venue? Check! Guest list? Check! Now, you’re all ready to send your eager guests an official save-the-date card!

Read on for the answers to common save-the-date questions and photos of real cards that we created! You’re one step closer to making your save-the-date…great!

So, What Exactly Is A Save-The-Date?

Your wedding save-the-date is a brief announcement to your guests to alert them that they are invited. It is also a heads up for them to mark their calendars and get excited to anticipate more fun wedding details.

How Does It Differ From An Invitation?

Simply put, your save-the-date is meant to provide only general information earlier on such as your names, wedding date, and the city/state of your venue. On the other hand, a formal invitation to your wedding will, of course, follow the save-the-date and include more specifics like your exact venue name, the attire, and more to expect from your day! 

When Should I Send Them?

Don’t wait (too long) for save-the-dates! Although there is no “perfect” time to send your cards out to your guests, earlier is ideally always better! As long as your plans are set in stone, the knowledge of your wedding date ahead of time will only make it easier for guests to plan any travel arrangements accordingly and determine other obligations they may have.  Just be sure not to send over a year in advance as plans can fall through during the planning process! You also want your guest list to be completely finalized prior to sending, of course!

To give you a better idea of a time frame, it is recommended that your cards are sent out around six to eight months before your wedding day. 

How Should They Look?

When it comes to your save-the-date, the wording should be kept to a minimum! Feel free to add a short saying, eye-catching fonts, and your own flair to them. Take your save-the-date a step further by including your wedding website and your favorite engagement photos as well!

The big takeaway here is to not give away too much information and let your guests know that there is a formal invite on its way.

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How perfect were those cards? Now that you’re a save-the-date pro, let’s get to designing and sending! As you create ones that are uniquely yours, think of them as a little teaser before the invitation arrives for your guests. Let the fun of the planning begin!