It’s been said that the two most memorable things about wedding receptions are the food and the entertainment. So why not instead of looking for just an ordinary NJ wedding DJ, look for a company who has the best wedding DJs in NJ? I am happy to report to you that you just found the best wedding DJs in NJ right here!

Hi, my name is Alex and I am the Executive Director of Enchanted Celebrations and I would love to tell you all about or our NJ wedding DJs, but first watch this quick video and we will meet up in a little bit.

After watching that, you kinda want to get up and dance; I know I do! Anyway, before I said that you found the best wedding DJs in NJ, to back that bold statement up, I’d like to cover 3 really unique, important facts about our wedding DJ packages.

1. Always All Inclusive
If you’ve had the time to make a few phone calls to other wedding DJ companies in NJ you’ve probably noticed that you get charged for every little thing, like adding an hour for cocktail hour, adding a DJ assistant to make it a two person package, or even having to pay extra if the DJs require more than one or two sound systems (ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception). What makes Enchanted Celebrations the best wedding DJs in NJ is that all of our packages are all inclusive. Here’s an example of one of our packages:
5 Hours of Coverage (no additional fee for different setups)
2 Entertainers (1 MC & 1 DJ)
2 Party Lights
Online Planning System

2. Innovative, Easy to Use Online Planning System
Do you absolutely love certain songs and hate others? Well, that’s vital information that your wedding DJ needs to know. All of our DJ packages include an easy to use, online planning system where you can pre-select songs to be added to love it, like it, and hate it playlists. You will be searching directly inside our music library which is linked to iTunes so if you can’t find a song, let us know and we WILL have it for your wedding day. If one of your guests comes up to your DJ and requests the chicken dance and it’s on your hate it list, our DJs WILL not play it. Seriously, it’s that simple!

3. There’s No One Size Fits All Here
What if you’re looking for a NJ wedding DJ, who’s going to create an all out blow out New Years Eve, firework, ball dropping wedding; we got that! What if you are looking for a NJ wedding DJ who ‘gets’ that you aren’t big dancers and you don’t want to be called up and coerced into dancing; we got that! What if you’re looking for a NJ wedding DJ that understands the balance of party and elegance that your wedding deserves; we got that! A really awesome thing about Enchanted Celebrations is on our Meet Our DJs page, you see each of our DJs full biography including a whole variety of real NJ weddings where they have entertained. After checking out all of our DJs, you can choose the best wedding DJ in NJ for your wedding!

First and foremost, after hearing all of that, you probably must be thinking, “oh boy, this is gonna be pricey.” Actually, we are much more affordable than you think! And, if you give us a call right now at 888.268.7420 ext 701, we can give you a price quote over the phone that will absolutely impress you!

This post was really fun for me to write, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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