Best Wedding Entertainment Packages in NJ

“Dancing on a…What?”

Wedding night forecast = 100% chance of clouds (AKA dry ice!). When it comes to the best wedding entertainment packages in NJ, adding on this feature just might be a worthy enhancement to your DJ bundle. What is “dancing on a cloud” for anyway? Should you use this popular trend for your wedding?

The idea of “dancing on a cloud” typically takes place during your first dance or parent’s dances, crowding your dance floor with whimsical, cloud-like smoke. In addition, this technique uses heated water and dry ice, which is completely safe to use!  Using dry ice will of course, not effect a smoke detector or give off an odor. At Enchanted Celebrations, many of our clients have chosen to transform their ballroom scene into a cloud nine paradise! Need a little convincing to see if “dancing on a cloud” is the right choice for your wedding? Let’s take a quick trip together to the clouds above!

Best Wedding Entertainment Packages in NJ

Do it For The Photos

Your first dance expectations? Exceeded! If you need just one reason to splurge a bit extra on the best wedding entertainment packages in NJ, let it be for unique, magical photos! Let’s picture this: you and the love of your life are finally making your grand entrance to the dance floor. All around you, you see your family and friends cheering you on as your heart is beating fast in tune with your DJ’s music!

Then, all of the sudden, the vibe changes completely and the music transitions into your favorite romantic slow song. As you begin to spin the love of your life around in your arms, it’s time for the magic! Right before your eyes comes a wave of white smoke beneath your dancing feet…and the rest from there feels like a dream. Don’t worry, we can assure you that you’re not dreaming, and even your guests will be mesmerized by it!

Best Wedding Entertainment Packages in NJ

For Crying Out “Cloud”

All these “dancing on a cloud” photos have your head in the clouds yet? If you’re looking to pump up your reception at the very beginning, “dancing on a cloud” is the perfect touch. Be sure to check out our FREE E-book below for even more add-ons to complete your best wedding entertainment packages in NJ. Time to get that over-the-moon feeling as you take the dance floor with your special someone! Best Wedding Entertainment in NJ