Congratulations to this perfect couple, Brittany and John! Their wedding night was unforgettable at The Bradford Estate in Hainseport, NJ.

The morning preparation was documented perfectly, thanks to our talented NJ Wedding Videographer! As an example, the gold bridesmaid gowns and Brittany’s dress were caught on tape hanging from their personalized hangers. Before the girls slipped them on, they got their hair and makeup all done up to perfection. Brittany put on her dazzling jewelry while John adjusted his bow tie. He was awaited the moment where he would finally see Brittany walk down the aisle into his arms!

Their ceremony at The Bradford Estate was decorated with ivory flowers that matched Brittany’s bouquet. John teared up as his beautiful bride walked closer and closer to him! Likewise, there was not a dry eye from guests sitting in their seats.  Our NJ Wedding Videographer made sure to capture all of these loving memories!

Lastly, the happy tears continued on all night during the reception. Guests were welcomed into the ballroom with the menu placed already on the tables for them. Of course, glasses of champagne were just waiting to be raised to the newlyweds as well! Our NJ Wedding Videographer made rounds to get every detail of how beautiful the Grand Ballroom looked, as well as the bride and groom.

Congratulations, again, to Brittany and John. We were honored to record your wedding night at the always beautiful and unforgettable Bradford Estate with you!

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