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Shaina and Michael’s Videography at Private Residence

  Congratulations Shaina and Michael on their big day! This happy couple tied the knot on September 5, 2020 at a Private Residence in New Jersey. Thankfully, NJ Wedding Videographers were there to capture this beautiful celebration!  September 5, 2020 began with the bride and groom getting ready for their special day. Shaina got her hair done back, her make up on before she slipped into her beautiful, white, laced wedding gown. She looked absolutely stunning! Meanwhile, Michael was putting…

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Charal and Thomas’ Wedding Videography in PA

This video has been archived. For more current work please visit our video page here Congratulations to Charal and Thomas on their special day! This beautiful couple tied the knot on October 10, 2020 in PA.  Thankfully, our Top Rated Videographers in PA were there to capture this amazing celebration. October 10, 2020 began with the bride and groom prep. First, Charal got her hair and makeup done before slipping into her stunning in white, long sleeve, laced wedding dress….

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Jessica and Sergei’s Wedding

  Congratulations to Jessica and Sergei on their marriage! This charming and beautiful couple tied the knot in Colts Neck, NJ where they transformed a beautiful backyard into the perfect space for their perfect day.  Jessica wore a dazzling lace gown that complimented her light pink bouquet and  matching floral crown perfectly. With the sun shining bright and family by their side, we loved capturing this special day. This couple had the perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony. With a…