Abbie Holmes Estate

Are you ready to see our Abbie Holmes Estate wedding photos? First, check out Andrea and TJ’s October wedding! Our photographers were able to perfectly capture Andrea and her bridesmaids during bridal prep. Andrea’s plunging neckline gown looked beautiful against her bridesmaids dark red dresses. How beautiful! Our photographers were also able to capture TJ as he got ready for his big day. He shared a drink with his groomsmen, before getting ready and heading off to his ceremony.

Our photographers made sure to capture the ecstatic couple on the dance floor as they waltzed around the room together. How romantic! Our photographers also sure to capture the venue, which had been decorated beautifully. String lights had been hung from the ceiling, and glowed a soft orange color, which added to the already romantic atmosphere. Clearly, our Abbie Holmes Estate wedding photos capture the romance!

Next, check out Megan and Tom’s fall wedding! Our photographers made sure to follow the happy couple outside to capture more photos. One of our favorite photos is of the couple together outside, standing in front of a red barn. Megan and Tom held hands as Tom leaned in and gave her a kiss. How adorable! Our photographers also made sure to capture some shots of the couple together on the dance floor. The yellow lighting made for a fun and inviting atmosphere. It’s clear to see that our Abbie Holmes Estate wedding photos truly captured the magic and excitement of the day!

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Joanna and Ray’s Wedding Videography at Abbie Holmes Estate

  Congratulations to Joanna and Ray on their beautiful wedding! This couple tied the knot on October 9, 2020 at Abbie Holmes Estate in Ocean View, NJ! We love how our Cape May NJ Wedding Videographers captured their special day! The day began with bridal prep. Joanna read the letter Ray had written to her prior to walking down the aisle. Ray also read his letter from Joanna. Joanna slipped into her off the shoulder lace dress with the help…

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Andrea and TJ’s Wedding Videography at Abbie Holmes Estate

  Congratulations Andrea and TJ on their big day! This happy couple tied the knot on October 16, 2020 at Abbie Holme’s Estate in Cape May County, NJ. Thankfully, South Jersey Wedding Videographers were there to capture this amazing celebration! October 16,2020 began with Andrea getting her hair curled, her makeup on, then slipped into her angelic gown. She looked absolutely stunning! Meanwhile, TJ was putting on his classic tuxedo. He looked so handsome! Thankfully, South Jersey Wedding Videographers were…

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Robyn and Michael’s Wedding Videography

  Congratulations to Robyn and Michael on their recent marriage! These newlyweds tied the knot at the Abbie Holmes Estate in Ocean View, NJ. Their fall time wedding was absolutely amazing, from the unique flowers and cake to the eye-catching jewelry. Robyn sat in the mirror as she carefully applied her makeup. With the help of her bridesmaids, she slipped into her gorgeous gown and our NJ Wedding Photographer was there to capture a few photos. Robyn headed outside where…


Christina and Jason’s Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Christina and Jason on their wedding! Christina and Jason exchanged their vows with one another at The Carriage House in Galloway, NJ. This enchanting venue was the superb choice for the couple’s glamorous wedding ceremony and reception! The sun shined bright on the beautiful July day as the bride and groom prepared for their memorable day. Christina looked so spectacular in her lavish white wedding gown. After Christina was pampered and ready, it was time for the big moment! Christina and Jason were…

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Megan and Tom’s Videography

Congratulations to Megan and Tom on their magical wedding at the Abbie Holmes Estate in Ocean View, NJ. To see true love like this is amazing and this wedding did not disappoint. Megan began her day by getting ready with her bridesmaids. Full of makeup and laughs, it was a typical girls day as these lovely ladies got ready. While Megan was getting ready, Tom was with the boys drinking some beers, waiting for his beautiful bride. It was time for the ceremony to begin…


Alyssa and Brett’s Wedding at The Abbie Holmes Estate

Congratulations to newlyweds, Alyssa and Brett! The couple exchanged their vows at the Abbie Holmes Estate in Ocean View, NJ. The beautiful, sunny day was the perfect addition to the bride’s glimmering dress. Our NJ Wedding Officiant helped the couple create a unique wedding experience. They happily lit the unity candle and became one. Everyone was excited to get to the reception where they would all share in the celebration of Alyssa and Brett. The bride and her father shared…

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Amber and James at Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding Album

    Congratulations to Amber and James on their special day!  Their wedding took place at the iconic Abbie Holmes Estate in Ocean View,  New Jersey.  We provided Amber and James with our DJ, photo, and photo-booth packages!  We even created their wedding album which came out beautiful! Between their picture placement and picture choices, this album is truly a work of art. Each page is more beautiful than the next! We know it is hard to remember each and…