The Carriage House

Craving our captivating captures at The Carriage House? Check out our some of our favorite Carriage House wedding photos! First, peep Caitlyn and Paul’s summer wedding. We love their outdoor portraits in front of the venue. Our photographers used a wide lens to make sure to get the lovely lighthouse in frame. Caitlyn’s floral veil flowed delicately in the wind as she locked eyes with Paul. Their sunflower bouquet along with the lighthouse definitely captured those “beachy keen” wedding vibes that we can’t get enough of. Later, our photographers snapped some creative and dramatic shots of the happy couple in front of an oval window. The sunlight framed the lovebirds perfectly, creating a stunning silhouette of them sharing a sweet kiss. What an opportunity for a truly gorgeous shot! Our photographers even took a shot of Caitlyn sitting in the window looking like an angel as Paul smiles warmly at her. We just love their Carriage House wedding photos so much!

Next, check out Shena and Carter’s spring wedding! Our photographers snapped a wonderful shot of Shena’s beautiful wedding gown hanging from the top of the landing. They made sure to use a wide lens to include both sides of the wooden steps in frame in addition to the glistening crystal chandelier hanging from above. Altogether, it made for a truly elegant detail shot. Later in the evening, our photographers took some dramatic portraits of the happy couple kissing under the light of a streetlamp. They event got the venue in the background! Clearly, Carriage House wedding photos always come out perfect!

Carriage House photos and videos

Caitlyn and Paul’s Wedding Videography at The Carriage House

  Congratulations to Caitlyn and Paul on their summer wedding at The Carriage House in Galloway, New Jersey! The happy couple tied the knot on June 28th, 2019 in front of 150 of their family and friends. From preparation to reception, our team had a blast capturing all of their Carriage House photos and videos! Caitlyn began her day getting ready with her beautiful bridesmaids. They were wearing matching white robes with tropical green leaves on them. Then, they shared…

Shena and Carter’s Wedding Videography at The Carriage House

  Congratulations to Shena and Carter! These two celebrated at the Carriage House in Galloway! Our NJ Wedding Videographer captured every moment! To begin, the video started off with vivacious views of the venue. Shena’s gorgeous dress hung on the window while she got ready. Carter buttoned up his suit, and was ready to meet his bride! Our NJ Wedding Videographer captured a sentimental first look with Shena’s father. Finally, it was time for Shena and Carter to become Mr. and Mrs….

NJ Wedding Videographer

Tierney and Michael’s Wedding Videography at The Carriage House

  Congratulations to Tierney and Michael on their recent marriage! This wonderful couple tied the knot at The Carriage House on a sunny, summer day. Tierney’s dress hung from the ceiling as she stared at it with a huge smile on her face. It was time to slip into the dress and add the finishing touches and Tierney could not have done it without her bridesmaids! Her hair was curled to perfection and her jewelry sparkled in the light. Our…

NJ Wedding Videographer

Teresa and Mike’s Wedding Videography

  Congratulations to Teresa and Mike on their recent marriage! This winter wonderland wedding was held at the beautiful Carriage House in Galloway, NJ. Teresa began the day by getting her hair and makeup done. She added the final touches, including her stunning earrings and gorgeous vale. Over in another room, Mike was slipping on his vest and socks as our NJ Wedding Photographer captured their entire morning. As Teresa walked into the ceremony, Mike could not help a few…

NJ Wedding Videographer

Erica and Lamone’s Wedding Videography

  Congratulations to Erica and Lamone on their recent wedding! This past autumn Erica and Lamone became man and wife at the enchanting Carriage House, located in Galloway, NJ. The day began with much excitement and preparation. Erica was accompanied by her close family and bridesmaids who helped her with the finishing touches before meeting her soon-to-be husband Lamone.  Meanwhile across the hall Lamone was preparing to meet his soon-to-be wife Erica. Prior to the service the lovely couple read…

NJ Wedding Videographer

Kait and Chris’ Wedding at The Carriage House

Congratulations to the newly married couple, Kait and Chris! Their day was filled with so much love; everyone celebrating had smiles from ear to ear! The lovely couple tied the knot at the Carriage House in Galloway, NJ. The wedding ceremony space was decorated beautifully with pale pink flowers that matched the bridesmaid dresses, emphasizing the light and airy color scheme. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was able to capture every detail, not letting anything about the day go unnoticed. The…

Heather and Greg’s Wedding Videography at The Carriage House

Congratulations to Heather and Greg on their marriage! This couple tied the knot in Atlantic City, NJ then brought everyone to the breathtaking Carriage House in Galloway, NJ. The couple shared their resounding vows in front of all their loved ones in a beautiful architectural church. The groom along with family and friends were awestruck at the first sight of the stunning bride. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was able to capture the touching moments from the ceremony. Family and friends…

NJ Wedding Photographer

Kait and Chris’ Engagement Session

Congratulations to Kait and Chris on their engagement! This charming and country loving couple took to the great outdoors to capture some gorgeous photos for friends and family to cherish while waiting for their big day! Our NJ Engagement Photographer took some truly beautiful shots of Kait and Chris around the stunning woodsy parks, perfect for their rustic and vintage theme and stunning wedding album photo book! We love the images of Kait and Chris in the beautiful woods, especially the one…