Are you ready to see our Celebrations wedding photos? First, check out Beth and Nelson’s summer wedding. Our photographers captured Beth and her bridesmaids perfectly during bridal prep. Beth’s layered ballgown stood out beautifully against her bridesmaids dark blue dresses. The yellow sunflowers in Beth’s bouquet also added a nice pop of color to her look. How bright and beautiful!

Our photographers also made sure that they captured the happy couple on the dance floor. Beth and Nelson could not stop smiling as they danced together. A large, golden chandelier hung above Beth and Nelson. Our photographers also made sure to capture the venue and the decorations that had been set up. The yellow lighting matched the flowers, and created a soft and romantic ambiance. Our photographers also got to capture the giant game of musical chairs Beth and Nelson played with their guests. How fun! Clearly, our Celebrations wedding photos captured the excitement.

Next, check out Brittney and Chris’ winter wedding! Our photographers made sure to follow the happy couple outside to the gazebo for more pictures. One of our favorite pictures is of Brittney and Chris in the gazebo together. Chris is twirling Brittney around like a princess, he dress blowing in the wind. How sweet! Our photographers also made sure the capture the lovely couple together on the dance floor. The soft yellow lighting created an inviting and loving ambiance, that all of the guests enjoyed. It’s obvious that our Celebrations wedding photos capture the magic.

celebrations wedding photos

Chelsea and Will’s Wedding Videography at Celebrations

  Cheers to Chelsea and Will! The happy couple celebrated their wedding on January 18th, 2020 at Celebrations, located in Bensalem. Memories of your special day are sure to last with the Celebrations Bensalem wedding photos. Chelsea and Will had a beautiful winter wedding. These two struck gold, it was the perfect day for their wedding as it just so happened to snow. Of course, we had to capture some footage of Will getting a first look of Chelsea. She…

Chayna and Rashaan’s Wedding Videography at Celebrations

This video has been archived. For more current work please visit our video page here Congratulations Chayna and Rashaan on their marriage! The happy couple spent their wedding at Celebrations located in Bensalem, PA.  Our PA Wedding Videographer worked together with our PA Wedding Photographer to beautifully capture every walk down the aisle and special vow at the alter. These two said the cutest vows to one another. For example, Chayna promised to love and cherish Rashaan as much as she…

Jacqueline and Bryon’s Wedding Videography at Celebrations

    A huge congratulations to Jacqueline and Bryon on their magnificent winter wedding! These two cuties tied the knot on December 22nd, 2018 at Celebrations in Bensalem, PA . Leave it to our top PA Wedding Videographer to make their perfect day even more special! To begin, the couple spent all morning with their loved ones. Our top PA Wedding Videographer documented all the special details put into this special day. Of course, Jacqueline was showered with love and support from…

NJ Wedding Videographer

Liza and Luis’ Wedding Videography

This video has been archived. For more current work please visit our video page here Congratulations to Liza and Luis’ on their marriage! Romance was truly in the air as Liza and Luis celebrated their special day in a Paris inspired wedding at Celebrations in Bensalem, PA. The language of love really brought this romantic affair to an intimate and warm feel. Our NJ Wedding Videographer did an amazing job capturing the essence of this stunning day. The room was…