Crystal Plaza

Shira and Joshua’s Wedding Will Be Published!

Congratulations on your marriage, Shira and Joshua, but the celebration does not stop there! These two cuties get to share a special moment of their big day at Crystal Plaza with Bridal Guide Magazine. A cake photo from their wedding will be published in their magazine! Our top wedding photographers in NJ are incredibly honored. Bridal Guide Magazine offers awesome tips on wedding DIYs, planning tips, decorations, and more! It’s so much more than just a magazine for the bride-to-be….

North Jersey Wedding Videographers

Monica and Christopher’s Wedding Videography at Crystal Plaza

  Congratulations to Monica and Christoper on their fun-filled wedding at The Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey! Our North Jersey wedding videographers were there to capture every sweet and surprising moment of their wedding day. First, Monica began her morning sharing a cocktail with her bridesmaids. The bride to be put on her gorgeous white dress while her bridesmaids put on matching crimson dresses. They helped her put an exquisite tiara on her head. Meanwhile, Christoper was busy putting…

Nicole and Edward’s Wedding Videography at Crystal Plaza

  Congratulations to Nicole and Edward on their marriage! The couple had their wedding at Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ. Watch how our Wedding Videographer North Jersey captured their day! To begin, the day started with bride and groom prep. The groom and his groomsmen dressed handsomely in black suits complemented with either blue ties or handkerchiefs! Meanwhile, the bride was accessorizing with jewelry! Next, she reads a note from Edward that writes “I knew you were special from the…