Lake Valhalla Club


Lauren and Brandon’s Wedding Videography

This video has been archived. For more current work please visit our video page here Congratulations to Lauren and Brandon on their recent wedding! They tied the knot at Lake Valhalla Club on a beautiful day in July. With such an amazing couple and a perfect venue filled with all of their family and friends, their wedding day was extraordinary. All of Lauren and Brandon’s loved ones gathered at the gorgeous outdoor ceremony and watched as Lauren made her way…

Ashley and Michael’s Wedding Videography

This video has been archived. For more current work please visit our video page here Congratulations to Ashley and Michael on their beautiful wedding at The Lake Valhalla Club in Montville, NJ. The day was filled with love as family and friends watched these two tie the knot. Ashley began her day with her bridesmaids dressed in floral robes as they got their hair and make up done. Before stepping into her gown, Ashley and Michael exchanged beautiful love letters. Our…

Wedding Album by Enchanted Celebrations. Congradulation, Samantha and Vanessa

Samantha and Vanessa Wedding Album

  Congratulations to Samantha and Vanessa on their wedding day!  This beautiful couple danced the night away at the Lake Valhalla Club.  Their wedding album came out perfectly, with the pages flowing absolutely beautifully.  Each event from the day flowed into the next, while every detail was still included.  Our South Jersey Wedding Photographers love all of the homemade aspects of their wedding, and love how they were included in their wedding album.  Congratulations again to Samantha and Vanessa!  

Elisa and Ivan Wedding Album

Congratulations to Elisa and Ivan on their special day at the Lake Valhalla Club!  Every single memory from their day was captured wonderfully by our South Jersey Wedding Photographers.  Those memories made for an absolutely breathtaking wedding album.  The bright colored pages brought out the vibrant colors from Elisa and Ivan’s celebration.  We cannot get enough of this wedding album, and love just how beautifully it came out.  Congratulations again to Elisa and Ivan!

Congratulations Samantha and Vanessa

Congratulations to Samantha and Vanessa! Our NJ Wedding Videographer had the pleasure to film these two ladies at Lake Valhalla Club. It was a great day in March, the weather was awesome! The setting was magnificent near the water. Samantha and Vanessa both look great, check out their dresses, they are beautiful! Enchanted Celebrations Wedding Videographer got a lot of the intricate details of their reception on film. The cake, menu on the table, card holder, seating cards, table numbers and sweet…