The Gramercy

Are you ready to see our Gramercy at Lakeside Manor wedding photos? First, check out Kelly and Frank’s fall wedding! Our photographers captured Kelly and her bridesmaids perfectly during bridal prep. Kelly’s beautiful, lace gown stood out nicely against her bridesmaids navy blue dresses. Our photographers also made sure to capture Frank as he got ready for his big day too. His groomsmen made sure he looked his best, before they both headed to their ceremony.

Our photographers made sure to capture the happy couple on the dance floor. They could not take their eyes off of each other as they swayed along to the music. A giant, golden chandelier hung above their heads as they danced across the room. The yellow and purple lighting made for a fun and playful ambiance. How wonderful! Our photographers also made sure to capture the venue, and the decorations that had been put up around the room. Our Gramercy at Lakeside Manor wedding photos truly capture the excitement.

Next, check out Cassandra and Briana’s September wedding! Our photographers made sure to follow the couple outside, and into the woods for some awesome photos. One of our favorites is of Cassandra and Brianna holding their bouquets together. Brianna is leaning over and giving Cassandra a big kiss! How romantic! Our photographers also made sure to capture the venue. The purple lighting created a fun ambiance, and made the red accents really stand out. Clearly, our Gramercy at Lakeside Manor wedding photos capture the magic!

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The Best Wedding Videographers NJ at The Gramercy

Cheers to the newlyweds of Alexa and Andrew! The couple said their “I do’s” on June 3, 2021 at The Gramercy. The best wedding videographers NJ were there to capture all the special moments! After getting ready, they were able to read letters they wrote to each other, it was so adorable! Having the best wedding videographers NJ document it all for them, made it an amazing moment they can look back on.  The ceremony began and you can truly…

Kristina and Dan’s Wedding Videography at The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor

  Congratulations to this adorable duo, Kristina and Dan, on their marriage! They celebrated their wedding at The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor on December 7th, 2019. As the couple had the Gramercy at Lakeside Manor wedding photos taken here, they also had a beautiful video! First, their video opened up with the happy couple stealing a kiss outside the venue at nighttime. From there, scenes of the morning prep, ceremony, reception, and everything in between played out! Kristina wore the…

the gramercy at lakeside manor wedding photos

Briana and Cassandra’s Wedding Videography at The Gramercy

  Congratulations to Briana and Cassandra on their beautiful wedding. September 29th, 2019 was a very special day to remember. It was captured perfectly through The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor Wedding Photos. A day so special for these two was taken place at The Gramercy, a venue that made everything shine.  First, the soon to be newlyweds prepped their special day and started off with photos with each other and their bridesmaids. The two stood next to each other in…

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Nicole and Jason’s Wedding Videography at The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor

    Congratulations to Nicole and Jason on their gorgeous wedding! These two lovebirds decided on forever on June 29, 2018. It was the perfect day to celebrate love! The ceremony and reception was held at The Gramercy, located in Hazlet, NJ. The venue was as unique and charming as the newlyweds! Our NJ Wedding Videographer was there the entire day to capture all of the unforgettable moments from this incredible day! The day started with much preparation and love!…

NJ Wedding Videographer

Katie and Chris’ Wedding Videography

Congratulations to Katie and Chris on their marriage! This elegant couple tied the knot at the Gramercy in Hazlet, NJ where friends and family joined together to celebrate this couple’s big day in style. Katie’s preparations began as she sat down for glamorous hair and makeup. Her fairy tale look was complete with a rhinestone princess ball gown that brought the glitz and glam to her big day. With a memorable first look that included the whole bridal party, it…