Woodcrest Country Club

Are you ready to see our Woodcrest Country Club wedding photos? First, check out Edelquinne and Justin’s August wedding! Our photographers perfectly captured Edelquinne and her bridesmaids during bridal prep. Her beautiful, white gown stood our beautifully against her bridesmaids light blue dresses. How pretty! Our photographers also captured Justin and his groomsmen during groom prep. They were sure to make Justin look his best, before they sent him off to his ceremony. What a great moment!

Our photographers captured some sweet shots of Edelquinne and Justin on the dance floor. The cute couple looked lovestruck, as they floated across the room. How cute! Our photographers also made sure to capture the venue and decorations. The yellow and blue lighting created a fun and inviting atmosphere, which all the guests adored. What a great idea!

Next, check out Stephanie and Bill’s fall wedding! Our photographers made sure to follow the couple, and their loved ones, outside for some photos. One of our favorite photos is of Stephanie with her family. She was glowing as she stood with her family, and her long dress flowing in front of her. Our photographers also captured the venue. The bright blue lighting created a fun and exciting environment. One of our favorite pictures is of the couple together on the dance floor. They are wearing huge smiles as they dance the night away. It is clear to see that our Woodcrest Country Club wedding photos really capture the fun and excitement of the day.

South Jersey Wedding Videography

South Jersey Wedding Videography at the Woodcrest

Congratulations to the couple of Nicole and Vincent on becoming husband and wife. The couple wed on May 14, 2021, at the Woodcrest Country Club in Cherry Hill, New Jersey! Their South Jersey wedding videography came out spectacular!!!  From Vincent seeing Nicole in her gorgeous wedding dress to all their guests dancing the night away, it was definitely a night no one will forget. Our South Jersey wedding videography was able to grasp every moment so Nicole and Vincent can…

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Edelquinne and Justin’s Wedding Videography at Woodcrest Country Club

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Edelquinne and Justin, on their beautiful wedding! The lovely couple tied the knot on August 30th at the Woodcrest Country Club in New Jersey. The Best Wedding Entertainment NJ was there all night to keep the party going. Their memorable wedding video begins by capturing their intimate church ceremony. First, Justin, alongside his parents, made his way down the aisle. He was sporting a navy suit and white tie. Next, it was their handsome little ring…

Stephanie and Bill’s Wedding Videography at Woodcrest Country Club

Congratulations to Stephanie and Bill on their recent marriage! This cute couple became one at Woodcrest Country Club in Cherry Hill, NJ. Firstly, Stephanie’s beautiful white beaded dress hung in the doorway and the bottom of her heels read “I Do”. Once her dress was buttoned up and her jewels were on, she could not wait to see her man. Nearby, our NJ Wedding Videographer was with Bill as he fasted his watch and fasted his cuff links, and then made…

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Colleen and Chris’s Wedding Videography

Congratulations to newlyweds Chris and Colleen on their recent marriage! This sweet couple tied the knot on a chilly December afternoon. The ceremony was held at a beautiful church and their reception was held at the charming Woodcrest Country Club, located in Cherry Hill, NJ. Colleen and Chris spent the morning hours preparing for their special day. Colleen and her bridesmaids drank champagne as they were pampered with curls and makeup.  Our NJ Wedding Videographers filmed the sweet moment of…