Philadelphia engagement sessions

We love Philadelphia! Obviously, it is a city rich with history, art, and diverse cultures. This makes it the perfect city for your engagement session! In fact, our Philadelphia engagement sessions are some of our favorites. Also, our photographers do an amazing job capturing our couples on their day!

First, check out Bridget and Jason’s engagement session. This couple tied the knot this past October, and we absolutely adore their engagement photos. First, this couple took photos all around the city. This included locations such as Love Park and Center City! One of our favorite shots of the couple, is of them standing in a square in Center City. The high rises are towering above the couple as they pose. How adorable!

Next, check out Kaitlin and Matt’s engagement session. To start, this couple’s engagement session began underneath the Ben Franklin bridge! Clearly, our photographers did an amazing job capturing this couple as they walked underneath the bridge. For example, one of our favorite shots is of the couple walking along the path. Luckily, our photographers were able to capture the bright pink cherry blossoms along the way.

Clearly, we love every single one of our Philadelphia engagement sessions. It’s easy to see that our photographers do an amazing job capturing our couples in the city. From picturesque places like Love Park to Center City, our photographers know all of the best spots for your engagement session. We would love to be able to capture your Philly engagement session