the mainland at holiday inn

Are you ready to see our Mainland wedding photos? First, check out Alisha and Tom’s fall wedding! Our photographers made sure to perfectly capture Alisha in her stunning gown. Our photographers also made sure to photograph Alisha with her bridesmaids, who were wearing long, blush pink dresses. They made sure that they got some cute shots of the couple together outside. One of our favorite shots is of the couple standing on a wooden bridge, that goes over the train tracks. Alisha and Tom embraced each other sweetly. How cute!

Our photographers also made sure to capture some shots of the bride and groom dancing together in the grand ballroom. Thankfully, our photographers captured the excitement, while also capturing the beautifully decorated venue behind them. The blue and gold lighting made everything pop, and created a beautiful ambiance. The venue, and the decorations made for some really awesome Mainland wedding photos.

Next, check out Lisa and Jim’s wedding! Our photographers took some stunning photos of the couple dancing in the beautiful ballroom. Lisa and Jim had a smoke machine inside, which made it look like they were floating on clouds. So cool! Our photographers also managed to snap some adorable pictures of the couple, in front of a large stone fireplace. They made sure to get some photos of the decorations as well. The string lights, that were hanging from the ceiling set the mood nicely. It’s clear to see that our Mainland wedding photos really do capture the excitement.

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