Wedding Photographers in LBI

Do you dream about the perfect beach wedding? We can totally see why! From the beautiful sunsets down to the soft sand, the beach is the perfect location for your wedding! Luckily, We know just the place…Long Beach Island. Home to quaint and cute towns such as Beach Haven and Surf City, LBI is the ideal beach for you! Don’t believe us? Check out some of our favorite weddings, captured by our wedding photographers in LBI.

First, you must take a look at Olivia and Andrew’s beautiful fall wedding! Our wedding photographers in LBI captured this couple’s wedding, and their venue flawlessly! One of our favorite shots of the couple is of them standing together on the dock. Andrew is twirling Olivia around like a princess, as the sun sets behind them. The sky was glowing bright orange. What a beautiful moment! We are so happy our wedding photographers in LBI captured this moment!

Next, check out Heather and Noah’s fall wedding! LBI was the perfect location for this cute couple! Our photographers did an amazing job capturing their wedding. One of our favorite shots is of the couple standing on the beach together. Noah leans down and give’s Heather a kiss as they pose for the camera. How romantic!

If you’re dreaming of the perfect beach wedding, look no further than LBI! Our wedding photographers in LBI will be sure to capture everything, from start to finish! We can’t wait to plan the beach wedding of your dreams!