Congratulations to Christine and Michael on their beautiful wedding! The lovely couple had their magical day at the Basking Ridge Country Club. Our Best Wedding Photography North Jersey and videographer captured every special moment from their day.

Their video starts by showing pictures set up at the reception of the happy couple prior to their wedding day. Then, it has the lovers posing for our Best Wedding Photography North Jersey and videographer. Michael wrapped his arms around Christine and embraced his soon-to-be be wife! Christine looked stunning in her white gown and red shawl, while Michael looked dashing in a navy suit and tie. The two were ready to make their lifelong commitment to each other.

Next, it was time for the ceremony to begin! Christine made her way down the aisle with her father by her side. As she locked eyes with Michael, the most genuine smile appeared on her face. Then, under the beautiful alter covered in flowers, they placed their wedding bands on each other. Finally, Michael grabbed Christine by the waist and and kissed her for the first time as his wife.

At last, it was time for the party to begin! Our Best Wedding Photography North Jersey and videographer captured the newlyweds making their grand entrance as everyone cheered. Next, the couple shared their romantic first dance. Michael was overcome with happiness as he danced with and twirled his bride. Next, the brothers of the bride and groom shared heartfelt speeches about the couple. After a quick outfit change into a stunning traditional Chinese dress, Christine was ready to hit the dance floor with her husband. Finally, everyone danced the night away, celebrating the lovely newlyweds.

Once again, congratulations to Christine and Michael on their amazing day! Thank you for letting us celebrate your special day with you.

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