Meet our Spotlight Client of the month, Lynn and Andrew! This picture-perfect couple is set to tie the knot on May 30th, 2020. If you haven’t checked out their amazing engagement sesh captured among the Botanical Gardens, here’s your chance! Since we loved their engagement photos so much, we wanted to learn more about them. Read on for their love story!

Their Love Story

“We met the modern way via a dating app. Our first date was at an authentic ramen shop in winter. We talked all evening about cultures around the world, global politics — we were a couple of nerds just hanging out!”

Fun Fact

“Our second date happened during a blizzard. When he showed up and didn’t cancel, I knew he was a keeper  <3”

How cute was that little love story? We can’t wait for Lynn and Andrew’s wedding day, and we want to thank them for letting us share their story!