Written by: Samantha Andrus, Staff Writer of Enchanted Celebrations

Recently, Enchanted Celebrations provided the DJ and video services for a wedding reception in Lakewood, NJ on the 22nd of May. Not only did this NJ wedding turn out successful, but the NJ wedding goers did not want to get off the dance floor. With raw footage of everything that happened that day, the bride and groom went home to reminisce about the wonderful time they had. With 2 entertainers, Enchanted Celebrations was able to keep the party going for as long as everyone wanted. The NJ wedding was exciting and rewarding for both the Enchanted Celebrations crew and the wedding party.

They had a one of a kind NJ wedding reception that no other wedding could top. They used Enchanted Celebrations, and had everything covered when the time came to bring everyone in for the NJ wedding reception. The guests were amazed at how closely involved the photography crew was when it came to getting some of the best shots of the evening. The bride and groom created the ultimate NJ wedding album with the shots that were taken. There were so many to choose from, and they were not sure which ones to choose since they were all great. Not only that, but Enchanted Celebrations also shot a wonderful video for their keepsake. The photographers made sure nothing was missed, and now they have brilliant video with recaps of their whole NJ wedding reception.

Enchanted Celebrations is a one stop shop for all of your NJ wedding entertainment and ministry needs. Enchanted Celebrations provides you with the services needed for the entire NJ wedding reception without you having to worry about covering it. This wedding was a blast, and we are sure your NJ wedding can be the same. Visit WWW.EnchantedCelebrations.Com for more information about the services Enchanted Celebrations can provide for you, or call their phone 888 268 7420.