Alexis and Jacobs Wedding at Clark’s Landing Yacht Club

Alexis and Jacobs Wedding at Clark’s Landing Yacht Club

Event Details:


Date: May 27, 2018

Names: Alexis & Jacob

Venue: Clark's Landing Yacht Club

Congratulations to Alexis and Jacob on their recent marriage. Sparks were really in the air when these two first saw each other.

Her heels sat perfectly on the windowsill and her dress laid waiting in a near by closet. Alexis couldn’t wait any longer to make her way up the aisle and into the arms of her soulmate. With the loving hands of her mother slipping into her dress was simple. Jacob was only rooms away strapping on his suspenders and tightening his tie.

Our NJ Wedding Photographer caught Alexis sneaking down the hall to meet her blinded folded prince charming, who was waiting to finally see his princess. With one hand she removed his blind fold revealing herself to him for the first time after a long prep session. with faces filled with joy, the couple ran off for the perfect photos with our NJ Wedding Photographer.

Family and friends took their seats and with matching american flag socks Jacobs and his best men lined the alter. Our NJ Wedding Photographer snapped photos of Alexis who gracefully floated down the aisle as if she was walking on air. Not a dry eye was in the crowd as the two exchanged vows promising a life time of love. After sealing it with a kiss and some love on the dock this couple was ready to head to their reception.

Everyone held up there glasses at the Clark’s Landing Yacht Club toasting to the happily married newly weds. After Jacob slipped off her garter and tossing it to the crowd, family and friends decided to hit the dance floor! From break dancing, to slow dancing this night was a constant party.

Congratulations again to Alexis and Jacob! We wish you nothing but a happier and healthy marriage!