Angela and Mike’s Wedding at the Debonair Music Hall

Angela and Mike’s Wedding at the Debonair Music Hall

Event Details:


Date: November 2, 2018

Names: Angela & Mike

Venue: Debonair Music Hall

Congratulations to Angela and Mike on their November wedding! The lovely couple wed on November 2nd,2018 at the Debonair Music Hall.

Angela started her day getting ready to walk down the aisle! She could not wait to finally marry her dream man! Once all the finishing touches were made and Angela was looking like a princess, it was time to make her way to the ceremony. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was with the couple throughout their special day to capture every moment. 

The ceremony was so amazing and unique! Family and friends waited patiently in the music hall to see the couple become man and wife.  It was finally time for Angela to make her big reveal. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there to take photos of the beautiful bride coming down the aisle. Once the two said their vows, it was time to celebrate their magical day with loving guests.

The ceremony was both edgy and classy. The couple had cool name tags that looked just like concert tickets, and an amazing cake topped with Jack and Sally from the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas! It was a rock and roll ceremony for all ages, and our NJ Wedding Photographer made sure to snap pictures of all the fascinating decor.  To top off the amazing night, the bride and groom had a live band play for them! It was a wedding to remember, and we are so happy that we celebrated with them!

Congratulations, again, to Angela and Mike. In short, your wedding really rocked!