Ashley and Joe’s Wedding at the Corinthian Yacht club

Ashley and Joe’s Wedding at the Corinthian Yacht club

Event Details:


Date: June 30, 2018

Names: Ashley & Joe

Venue: Corinthian Yacht Club

Congratulations to Ashley and Joe on tying the knot! This perfect couple said “I Do” at the Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May, on a breezy summer afternoon.

Bride prep was beautiful in the comfort of Ashley’s own home, a familiar setting helped calm any wedding day jitters. Friends in matching flannels stayed close by Ashley side all morning! After a toast with their personalized Starbucks cups, Ashley was ready to slip into her gown. 

Joe and his best men were just a few miles away taking photos with our NJ Wedding Photographer on the dock. This modern nautical wedding was ready to set sail and have these two love birds finally tie the knot.

As Joe waited anxiously at the end of the aisle he watched his fiance who was arm in arm with her father. Joe’s smile grew ear to ear when he final had his soulmate by his side. Tears fell from Joe’s eyes as the two exchanged meaningful vows. As the touching ceremony came to a close our NJ Wedding Videographer captured the newly weds sealed it with a kiss.

A beautiful beach back drop set the scene for our NJ Wedding Photographer as the couple headed of to their celebration! Our NJ Wedding DJ played the couples perfect first dance song as they shared this memorable moment together. Guests danced the night away and we couldn’t have been more excited to take part in this beautiful day. From the decor to the dance floor, this wedding is unforgettable.

Congratulations, again, and we wish you tons of adventure, happiness, and much love!