Bridget and Ben’s Wedding at Icona Golden Inn

Bridget and Ben’s Wedding at Icona Golden Inn

Event Details:


Date: June 24, 2018

Names: Bridget & Ben

Venue: Icona Golden Inn

Congratulations to Bridget and Ben on their gorgeous wedding! This magical day ended in a happily ever after! Our NJ Wedding Photographer was there to catch all of the precious moments from this spectacular day! 

The early hours were spent in much preparation. Bridget was surrounded by her bride tribe as she prepared for the biggest day of her life! Her hair was beautifully pinned up and her makeup was flawless! Finishing touches came to a close as the stunning bride-to-be slipped on her wonderful white gown! Bridget and her mother shared a special moment as they looked in the mirror together! Across the hall, Ben was getting ready as well with the help of his groomsmen. He was so excited for the main event! 

Ben waited for Bridget on the beach. He turned around in awe as he saw her all dressed in white! The lovely couple locked eyes as they shared an astonishing first look! They then had an amazing photo session on the beach with the wedding party! Our NJ Wedding Photographer was sure not to miss these incredible moments! 

It was finally time for the main event! Bridget walked down the aisle with her father by her side. All eyes were on the marvelous couple as they said their “I do’s” right on the beach! The newlyweds showcased their deep love for each other as they exited the ceremony with locked arms and huge smiles! 

The ceremony was absolutely exquisite! Everyone made room for the newlyweds as they took over the dance floor! The music was loud and lights were flashing as Bridget and Ben shared an unforgettable first dance! Our NJ Wedding Photographer caught this once in a lifetime moment! Everyone else joined in soon after! The rest of the night was full of joy, laughter, and most importantly, cake! 

Congratulations, again, to Bridget and Ben on their magnificent day! We wish you years of love!