Cynthia and Anthony’s Surf Club Wedding with our Wedding Photographers in NYC

Event Date: April 1, 2021

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Congratulations to Cynthia and Anthony on their spring wedding! The couple was married on April 1, 2021, at The Surf Club on the Sound in New York and our NYC wedding photographers were there to capture the wonderful celebration. 

The lovely day began with Cynthia getting ready with her bridesmaids in a beautiful suite. She and her bridesmaids were decked out in shiny white robes and photographed by our NYC wedding photographers toasting the joyous occasion with red bubbly beverages. Cynthia was pampered with makeup and her red hair was pinned back with numerous gleaming silver pins. 

Meanwhile, in another suite, Anthony was getting ready with his groomsmen who were wearing matching blue tuxedos. Our NYC wedding photographers captured a loving moment between Anthony and his nephew as he helped him fix his bow tie.

Before the wedding, the whole wedding party took pictures by the water. The couple even went down to the shoreline and took pictures during the shore break.

The ceremony began in the early evening with Anthony waiting for his bride at the altar of the natural lit venue. The bridesmaids were the first to come down the aisle in light pink floor-length dresses, followed by the ring bearer and the flower girl. Anthony’s eyes widened as Cynthia walked down the aisle wearing her gorgeous mermaid gown and floor-length veil. The vows were shared and the couple shared their first kiss as a married couple.

The reception continued at the Surf Club with a cocktail hour and then proceeded into the main portion of the evening which included the couple’s first dance. The couple shared dances with their overjoyed parents and the whole wedding party and family joined in on the dancing. 

Following the reception, the couple took more pictures of the charming estate, which featured an elaborate landscape and multifaceted statues.

Congratulations to Cynthia and Anthony! Our NYC wedding photographers loved being part of the glorious day and we wish them luck in their future endeavors!


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