Elizabeth and Giacomo Wedding at Valenzano Winery

Event Date: September 26, 2015

Elizabeth and Giacomo Wedding at Valenzano Winery

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Giacomo on their marriage! This couple spent a fantastic day at Valenzano Winery in Shamong.

Our NJ Wedding Photographers had an amazing time capturing the love and excitement of the day! The couple shared a beautiful ceremony in the church.

With anticipation and excitement, Elizabeth’s father walked her down the aisle to her future husband.  Surrounded by family and friends, Elizabeth and Giacomo said “I Do” and became husband and wife!

Valenzano Winery was decorated beautifully with stunning arrangements of flowers, including gorgeous sunflowers! The cake was beautifully decorated with the same flowers, and it was wonderful!

Everyone had a great time celebrating on the dance floor! Our NJ Wedding Photographers were able to get some phenomenal photos of Elizabeth, Giacomo, and their family and friends celebrating the couple’s love!

Congratulations again to Elizabeth and Giacomo!

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