Elizabeth and Arpad’s Wedding at Cuba Libre

Elizabeth and Arpad’s Wedding at Cuba Libre

Event Details:


Date: May 27, 2018

Names: Elizabeth & Arpad

Venue: Cuba Libre

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Arpad on their recent marriage! These two radiated with love every time they look at each other.

This couple may have had a small wedding but the love these two share is huge. Love came easy to the two of them when they met. The Tropicana in Atlantic city, NJ was the perfect place for this couple to seal the deal. Before Elizabeth made her way up the aisle to meet her prince charming, our NJ Wedding Photographer caught the two as they ran off to play some pre-wedding slot machines. Although winning was never a concern, Arpad already won the woman of his dreams.

Only their closest family and friends had the chance to share this special moment with them. Everyone gathered close by to watch as the couple exchange their vows of eternal love for each other. After sealing the deal with a kiss, our NJ Wedding Photographer caught Elizabeth as she was swept off her feet in one swift motion, and carried over the threshold of the casino entrance! 

Family and friends made their way to Cuba Libre for the reception where they would get to share private dinner together. Our NJ Wedding Photographer was close by to capture speeches going out to the newly weds. After, everyone gathered on the dance floor to celebrate the best night of their lives. 

Congratulations, again, on tying the knot! May your new life together be nothing but spectacular!