Elizabeth and Sergio’s Wedding at The Smithville Inn

Event Date: April 20, 2019

Elizabeth and Sergio’s Wedding at The Smithville Inn

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Sergio on their marriage! They took the most incredible Smithville Inn Wedding Photos ever!

First, Elizabeth and Sergio began their day getting ready for the ceremony with their wedding parties. Next, Sergio and the groomsmen went outside for some portraits expertly taken by our Smithville Inn Wedding Photos photographer. The guys looked like they were having a blast all with big smiles between the four of them. Meanwhile, Elizabeth had her hair and makeup done. Afterwards, she took a few portraits with her beautiful white dress and her bouquet of purple and cream colored roses.

Next, Sergio finally got to see Elizabeth for the first time outside by a gorgeous carousel. As Sergio saw Elizabeth, he immediately opened his arms wide to embrace her. Later, the couple and both wedding parties went for a spin on the carousel. Our Smithville Inn Wedding Photos photographer and couple went to an amazing gazebo for some final portraits with beautiful scenery that is always expected by The Smithville Inn.

Finally, the ceremony that everyone was waiting for took place! The couple both looking amazing said their vows. They finally tied the knot as the crowd raised to their feet to congratulate the couple. The emotions, smiles, and excitement in the room were documented by our Smithville Inn Wedding Photos photographer.

The reception was next! The live band was an excellent choice as everyone watched in aw as Elizabeth and Sergio had their first dance. Later, the rest of the crowd joined the two on the dance floor! Elizabeth and Sergio as well as friends and family had an amazing night filled with love and laughter.

Again, congratulations to Elizabeth and Sergio on their wedding! Also, a huge thank you for letting us be part of your special day!

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